Ke$ha New World Order


Aug 10

KE$HA songs are terrible.

Hey guys, it’s me, Chad.

First and foremost, Ke$ha music is just terrible. Complete garbage, promoting a wasteful and dangerous lifestyle.

Second, I have “analyzed” all of the Ke$ha songs I can bear to listen to, which is why I have’t posted anything new recently. Really, anything I haven’t analyzed is pretty much the worst of the worst, the songs that never made it onto the radio, and that nobody mentions when talking about Ke$ha.

Third, I hope you had fun reading my analyses, I had fun writing them. I hope you realized that I was not serious in any of their “meanings”, but Poe’s Law states that every one of you thought I was.

I’m not going to write any more of these, but I will leave this blog up for all of you to get laughs from.

Sincerely, Chad.

EDIT: I’ve forgotten my password, so I’m afraid this is the first and last time I’ll log out.

Jul 10

Jun 25

PROOF in the lyrics of KE$HA song HUNGOVER.

This song portrays KE$HA’s struggles with her past love of capitalism and her new love of COMMUNISM. Remember that her COMMUNIST viewpoint is derived from her RITUAL SELF-MEDICATION with ALCOHOL. This song may be a LIE, but if it truly portrays some WEAKNESS in KE$HA, we could find a way to stop her in this song.

The song starts with “And now the sun is rising / Another long walk back home / There’s just so many faces / But no one I need to know”. This verse is very FASCIST, KE$HA sings it to try and hold on to her ALCOHOL-INDUCED COMMUNIST FASCIST VIEWPOINTS.

The next verse states “In the dark I can’t fight it / I fake it ‘til I’m numb / But in the bright light / I taste you on my tongue”. This refers to how KE$HA needs to fake her usual, ALCOHOL-INDUCED MENTALITY to her troops while DEPRIVED of ALCOHOL.

The chorus states “Now my party’s over, and everybody’s gone / I’m left here with myself and I wonder what went wrong / And know my heart is broken, like the bottles on the floor / Does it really matter, or am I just hungover?”. KE$HA talks about how, after her ARMY has went back to the barracks, and the ALCOHOL has left her system, she wonders if she’s really seeing things with a capitalist viewpoint, or if it’s just the lack of ALCOHOL. This song may just be PROPAGANDA, designed to tricking the LISTENERS into thinking she’s WEAK, but if ALCOHOL DEPRIVATION is really her WEAKNESS, then the easiest way to DEFEAT THE REGIME is to DEPRIVE it of ALCOHOL.

The next verse states “Even my dirty laundry / Everything just smells like you / And now my head is throbbing / Every song is out of tune”. KE$HA talks about her realization, while in her HUNGOVER state, that everything THE REGIME uses has been produced by AMERICA, with the POWER of CAPITALISM. KE$HA also wonders if her REGIME could have started without capitalism.

The next verse states “In the dark I can’t fight it / ‘Til it disappears / But in the daylight / I taste you in my tears”. KE$HA states she can’t fight the thoughts until she falls asleep, and that when she wakes up, she has just enough strength to RITUALLY SELF-MEDICATE herself with ALCOHOL.

The chorus repeats.

The next verse states “Now I’ve got myself looking like a mess, standing alone / Here at the end, trying to pretend, but no, I put up my fight / But this is it this time / Cause I’m here at the end, trying to pretend”. This is another reference to how KE$HA needs to act as if she was still drunk at the end of a BATTLE, so nobody in THE REGIME sees her WEAKNESS.

The chorus repeats, and the song ends.


Jun 24

PROOF in the lyrics of KE$HA song TIK TOK.

This song appears to be a BATTLE MARCH, sung as motivation during BATTLE EXERCISES and ACTUAL BATTLES.

The song starts with “Wake up in the morning, feeling like P Diddy / Grab my glasses, I’m out the door, I’m gonna hit the city / Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack / ‘Cause when I leave for the night, I ain’t coming back”. KE$HA states that she sometimes feels like Sean Combs (a famous proponent of capitalism) after waking up, but after RITUAL SELF-MEDICATION with Jack Daniels WHISKEY, she gains her “glasses”, a metaphor for her COMMUNIST viewpoint. KE$HA also states that when she “leaves for the night, she ain’t coming back”, a reference to her COMMUNIST NOMADIC lifestyle.

The next verse states “I’m talking pedicures on our toes / Trying on all our clothes / Boys blowing up our phones / Drop-topping, playing our favorite CDs / Pulling up to the parties / Trying to get a little bit tipsy”. KE$HA promises MATERIAL DELIGHTS, SEX, and ALCOHOL in return for serving in THE REGIME. Note that this does not negate the COMMUNIST part of THE REGIME, as the rewards are spread equally among the followers.

The chorus states “Don’t stop, make it pop / DJ, blow my speakers up / Tonight, I’ma fight / ‘Til we see the sunlight / Tick-tock on the clock / But the party don’t stop, no”. This chant is repeated often, as the FASCIST ARMY moves forward. KE$HA challenges the DJ (which, in the context of a BATTLE MARCH, means a GENERAL) to “blow her speakers up”, which would just motivate the FASCIST ARMY more. KE$HA then states that her FASCIST ARMY will move forward until dawn.

The chorus is repeated.

The next verse states “Ain’t got a care in the world, but got plenty of beer / Ain’t got no money in my pocket, but I’m already here / And now the dudes are lining up ‘cause they hear we got swagger / But we kick them out the door unless they look like Mick Jagger”. This is a very COMMUNIST verse, talking about how KE$HA rejects many material goods in favor of a COMMUNIST NOMADIC lifestyle, and states that she rejects any man who is unlike MICK JAGGER, a EUROPEAN BUDDHIST. She also refers to her RITUAL SELF-MEDICATION with ALCOHOL again.

The next verse states “I’m talking ‘bout everybody getting crunk / Boys trying to touch my junk / Gonna smack them if they get too drunk / Now we go until they kick us out / Or the police shut us down”. KE$HA talks again about how she’ll reward her FASCIST ARMY with DRUGS,. ALCOHOL, and SEX if they’re VICTORIOUS. KE$HA then motivates her FASCIST ARMY to march on.

The chorus is repeated twice.

The next verse states “DJ, you build me up / You break me down / My heart it pounds, yeah you got me / With my hands up / You got me now / You got that sound, yeah you got me / With my hands up / Put your hands up”. This verse refers to KE$HA’s BATTLE TECHNIQUE where she LURES the ENEMY into a FALSE SENSE of SECURITY. She then reveals her HIDDEN WEAPONRY. Do not fall for her tricks! KE$HA’s FASCIST ARMY will NEVER SURRENDER! They are BRAINWASHED into NEVER GIVING UP until they CANNOT FIGHT anymore!

The next line states “The party don’t start ‘til I walk in”. This simply means THE REGIME will never attack without KE$HA’s orders.

The chorus repeats twice.


PROOF in the lyrics of KE$HA song DINOSAUR.

In this song, KE$HA denounces capitalism as a “backward”, “ancient” economic theology, and repeatedly states that capitalism won’t “seduce” her. This song is used to DEMORALIZE CAPITALIST ENEMIES during non-violent ENGAGEMENTS.

There is not much hidden meaning to the lyrics, but they will be provided for reference.

Do not fall for this PROPAGANDA!

D I N O S A, you are a dinosaur
D I N O S A, you are a dinosaur
An O L D M A N, you’re just an old man
Hitting on me, what? You need a CAT scan

Old man, why are you staring at me?
Mack on me and my friends, it’s kind creepy
You should be prowling around the old folks’ home
Come on dude, leave us alone

At first we thought that it was kinda ill when
We thought that you were like a billion
And still I’m trying to make a killing
Get back to the museum

D I N O S A, you are a dinosaur
D I N O S A, you are a dinosaur
An O L D M A N, you’re just an old man
Hitting on me, what? You need a CAT scan

That’s what you are
You’re pretty old

Not long till you’re a senior citizen
And you can strut around with that sexy tank of oxygen
Honey, your toupee is falling to your left side
Get up and go, bro, oh wait, you’re fossilized

You sit down, buy me a martini
Won’t go away my hips aren’t sinking
Hey, you say, wanna come with me?
I’m about to barf, seriously?

D I N O S A, you are a dinosaur
D I N O S A, you are a dinosaur
An O L D M A N, you’re just an old man
Hitting on me, what? You need a CAT scan

That’s what you are

PROOF in the lyrics of KE$HA song CRAZY BEAUTIFUL LIFE.

This song is mainly meant to PACIFY the LISTENERS, and BRAINWASH them into accepting every situation they’re put through. It gives some insight into the MENTALITY of the FOLLOWERS. It shows KE$HA’s attempts to get the FOLLOWERS to be comfortable with FAILURE.

The song starts with “I’m in love, alright / With my crazy beautiful life / With the parties, the disasters / With my friends all pretty and plastered”. KE$HA proclaims her pleasure with her COMMUNIST, FASCIST REGIME. “Parties” is a metaphor for BATTLES, and KE$HA states that she’s okay when she is defeated in battle, because she will just return with more DRUNKEN, BRAINWASHED FOLLOWERS. ALCOHOL is a major part of the BRAINWASHING PROCESS.

The next verse states “Every night we’re down to go out / Waking up on a different couch / ‘Til the next night, on the next flight / Yeah, I guess we’re doing alright”. This verse refers to the NOMADIC LIFESTYLE followers of KE$HA’s REGIME abide to. KE$HA talks about how she’ll transport her SCOUTS around to various areas, sometimes by AIRPLANE (“on the next flight”), to scout out various TARGET AREAS in CAPITALIST COUNTRIES. KE$HA also assures her followers on the security of the REGIME.

The chorus states “We’re falling in love / ‘Til the sun’s coming up / Just living the life”. This is just a chant, telling the listeners to fall in love with KE$HA, and to be content with the LIFESTYLE and MENTALITY of the REGIME.

The next verse states “Every single night we fight / To get a little high on life / To get a little something right, something real / At least we try”. It’s obvious KE$HA’s followers are promised DRUGS and ALCOHOL in return for FIGHTING for the REGIME. They are also BRAINWASHED to be content with ANY and EVERY LOSS.

The next verse states “Time after time / Tried dodging all the douchebag guys / Tried trading all the wasted times / For something real in this crazy life”. KE$HA is trying to convince her LISTENERS and FOLLOWERS that it’s a waste of time to peacefully reject capitalism and leave America, that it will never work because she’s tried it and they will follow you.

The next verse states “I just hope some people see / There’s nothing that I’m trying to be / Let me just stop all the shit talk / I know I’m the new bitch on the block”. KE$HA tries to convince her FOLLOWERS that’s she’s another member of the FASCIST REGIME, and that she doesn’t have any POWER over them, that everyone is EQUAL and can fit into the COMMUNIST IDEOLOGY of the REGIME. This is a LIE. KE$HA is a DICTATOR. Do not fall for her tricks!

The next verse states “I’ve been through my sketchy phases / Been broke, been a shitty waitress / But I’m not now, guess it worked out / Got here by running my mouth”. KE$HA tries to convince her followers that she’s a normal person, that she can relate to them, but it’s a LIE. The last line shows KE$HA knows her power comes from her songs. It’s similar to HITLER, whose power came from his speeches.

The chorus chants, and the song ends.


PROOF in the lyrics of KE$HA song CANNIBAL.


The song starts with “I have a heart, I swear I do / But just not, baby, when it comes to you / I get so hungry when you say you love me / Hush if you know what’s good for you”. KE$HA talks about capitalism, and how the people of America love her music (while blissfully ignorant of the meaning behind it), and that just makes her want to DESTROY AMERICA even more. KE$HA states America should be less vocal if they know what’s good for them.

The next verse states “I think you’re hot, I think you’re cool / You’re the kind of guy I’d stalk in school / But now that I’m famous, you’re up my anus / Now I’m gonna eat you, fool”. KE$HA states she used to enjoy being American, and capitalism, but now that she’s gained prominence she changed her views, and started PLANNING. KE$HA then states she’s going to “eat” the “foolish Americans.”

The next verse states “I eat boys up, breakfast and lunch / Then when I’m thirsty, I drink their blood / Carnivore animal, I am a cannibal / I eat boys up, you better run”. “Boys” is a metaphor for AMERICANS, and proponents of capitalism in general. KE$HA states how she’ll “cannibalize” America, and DESTROY the AMERICANS. The CANNIBAL references refer to KE$HA being BORN and RAISED in AMERICA, and turning her back on America and destroying them with her army of CANNIBALS, AMERICANS who have been BRAINWASHED by KE$HA to BETRAY AMERICA. KE$HA then warns us to run.

The chorus then chants “I am CANNIBAL, I’ll eat you up”.

The next verse states “Whenever you tell me I’m pretty / That’s when the hunger really hits me / Your little heart goes pitter-patter / I want your liver on a platter”. KE$HA talks about how her BLOODLUST increases whenever she sees her BRAINWASHING and SEDUCTIVE PROPAGANDA working. Do not be fooled by KE$HA! “Liver” is a metaphor for the LEADERS of AMERICA that America CANNOT SURVIVE WITHOUT.

The next verse states “Use your finger to stir my tea / And for dessert, I’ll suck your teeth / Be too sweet and you’re a goner / Yup, I’ll pull a Jeffrey Dahmer!”. KE$HA talks about her plans to use the REMAINS of AMERICAN CITIES to support her COMMUNIST, FASCIST REGIME. KE$HA says that “people” who are “too sweet” (too capitalist) are TARGETS (this means much of EUROPE is a TARGET OF HER REGIME!), and then COMPARES HERSELF TO SEX OFFENDER, SERIAL KILLER, JEFFREY DAHMER! KE$HA proves herself to be BLOODTHIRSTY AND RUTHLESS!!!

The chorus then chants, with the vocals artificially edited to sound like a crowd is chanting with KE$HA.

The song ends with KE$HA saying “I love you, I warned you”.


PROOF in the lyrics of KE$HA song SLEAZY.

This song provides important insight into the MENTALITY of KE$HA’s NEW WORLD ORDER. It also reveals the REGIME is COMMUNIST as well as FASCIST.

The song starts with “I don’t need you or your brand-new Benz / Or your bougie friends / I don’t need love looking like diamonds / Like diamonds”. This portrays KE$HA’s rejection of capitalism, and her belief that money turns people into EVIL, SEX-CRAZED MONSTERS.

The chorus then chants “Get sleazy”. “Sleazy” is a metaphor for the MENTALITY of KE$HA’s FASCIST, COMMUNIST REGIME. This is meant to BRAINWASH the POPULACE into following her REGIME.

The first verse is repeated TWICE.

The next verse states “You can’t imagine the immensity of the sentiment / Giving about your money and manservant at the mansion you live in / And I don’t want to go to places where all my ladies can’t get in / Just grab a bottle, some boys, and let’s take it back to my basement and”. KE$HA portrays capitalism as an “immense” monster, trying to seduce people with money and mansions and exclude the poor from everything. KE$HA then states she uses ALCOHOL and promises of SEX to SEDUCE and LURE POLITICIANS and other PEOPLE in POSITIONS OF POWER into her “basement”. BASEMENT is a metaphor for her CENTER OF OPERATIONS. 

The next verse states “Get sleazy, sick of all your lines, so cheesy / Sorry, daddy, but I’m not that easy / I’m not going to sit here while you circle-jerk it and work it / I’ma take it back to where my men and my girls is”. KE$HA talks about how she isn’t fooled by capitalism’s “seductive lure”, and that she rejects capitalism and goes back to her COMMUNIST, FASCIST CENTER OF OPERATIONS to be with her FOLLOWERS.

The chorus then chants again.

The next chorus verse states “Rat-a-tat-tat on your dumb-dumb-drum / The beat so phat gonna make me come / Um um um um / Over to your place”. This can either portray KE$HA’s COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA, or her view of capitalism and how it “lures it’s followers”.

The verse repeats.

The next verse states “I don’t mean to critique on your seduction technique / But your money’s not impressing me, it’s kind of weak / That you really think you’re gonna get my rocks off / Get my top and socks off by showing me the dollars in your drop box”. KE$HA again states she’s not fooled by the “lure” of capitalism, and that she rejects it.

The next verse states “Me and all my friends, we don’t buy bottles we bring them / We take the drinks from the tables when you get up and leave them / And I don’t care if you stare and call us scummy / ‘Cause we ain’t after your affection and sure as hell not your money, honey”. KE$HA sings about the “virtues” of COMMUNISM, and how her followers are “Robin Hood” figures that STEAL from CAPITALISM, and spread among her COMMUNIST, FASCIST REGIME. KE$HA then states once more that she won’t be fooled by capitalism, because she’ll never join them.

The chorus chants again, and the song ends.


PROOF in the lyrics of KE$HA song WE R WHO WE R.

(Note that the song follows a beat PURPOSELY meant to sound like FOOTSTEPS, portraying the DEATH MARCH of KE$HA’s followers.)

The song starts with “Hot and dangerous / If you’re one of us then roll with us / ‘Cause we make the hipsters fall in love / When we got our hot pants on and up”. This refers to how she ATTRACTS and SEDUCES the POPULACE to join her FASCIST REGIME. She then orders her followers to SEDUCE the “hipsters”, HIPSTERS being a metaphor for PEOPLE IN POWER or people in a POSITION to BECOME POWERFUL.

The next verse states “And yes of course we does / We running this town just like a club / And no, you don’t wanna mess with us / Got Jesus on my necklace”. “Club” is a metaphor for the FASCIST REGIME. TOWN refers to the TARGET AREA or POPULACE. KE$HA then warns not to provoke her FASCIST REGIME, as she has “Jesus on her necklace”. This paints KE$HA as an ANTI-CHRIST FIGURE trying to SEDUCE the WORLD into her FASCIST REGIME. You know who else was called the ANTI-CHRIST? HITLER.

The next verse states “Got that glitter on my eyes / Stocking ripped all up the sides / Looking sick and sexyfied / So let’s go oh oh, let’s go”. “Glitter” has already been PROVEN to mean BOTOX or even a NEUROTOXIN COCKTAIL. In this context, it is shown that it means COSMETIC BOTOX which she uses on herself to look youthful. She portrays herself as “sexyfied” in tattered clothing and makes it sound appealing to be PACIFIED with the GLITTER. She then orders her followers to MARCH.

The chorus states “Tonight we’re going hard / Just like the world is ours / We’re tearing it apart / You know we’re superstars, we are who we are / We’re dancing like we’re dumb / Our bodies going numb / We’ll be forever young / You know we’re superstars, we are who we are”. KE$HA announces the march of her followers into the TARGET AREA, where they INVADE, DESTROY, LOOT, and TAKE OVER, announcing themselves as the “superstars” of the area. SUPERSTAR is a metaphor for NEW RULER. The next two lines of the chorus denotes the actions of the INNOCENT POPULACE in KE$HA’s PRISON CAMPS, as she introduces the GLITTER NEUROTOXIN COCKTAIL. They “dance like they’re dumb”, their “bodies go numb”. Then KE$HA states they will be “forever young”, and they are “superstars”. This is BRAINWASHING PROPAGANDA designed to make her followers EMBRACE DEATH so they will be more eager to fight for her FASCIST REGIME.

The next verse states “DJ turn it up / It’s about damn time to live it up / I’m so sick of being so serious / It’s making my bran delirious”. DJ has been PROVEN to mean “person in a position of power”, but since the events in this verse occur AFTER the removal of the former “DJ”, it can mean “puppet leader”, a PUPPET LEADER brought into power to FOOL the POPULACE. KE$HA orders the PUPPET LEADER to increase PROPAGANDA, and generally portray a VICTORIOUS REGIME to the PACIFIED POPULACE. KE$HA is tired of the takeover process, and pushes her forces harder.

The next verse states “I’m just talking true / I’m telling you about the shit we do / We’re selling our clothes, sleeping in cars, dressing it down, hitting on dudes, hard”. KE$HA states that this is a FACTUAL AND TRUE description of her PLANS for a NEW WORLD ORDER. She states that her followers are SELLING their MATERIAL POSSESSIONS, living like NOMADS, and SEDUCING the POPULACE. We can assume she bases her military techniques after the ANCIENT MONGOLIANS.

The chorus then repeats many points, and chants “DJ turn it up” at one point.


PROOF in the lyrics of KE$HA song BLOW.

The song starts with the KE$HA laughing at her followers, and the first order, DANCE. This order tells them to GET IN LINE for the MARCH INTO BATTLE.

The next verse states “Back door cracked / We don’t need a key / We get what we want / No VIP sleaze”. KE$HA orders her followers to BREAK INTO THEIR TARGET and LOOT.

The next verse states “Drink that Kool-Aid / Follow my lead / Now you’re one of us / You’re coming with me”. KE$HA orders her followers to BRAINWASH and MANIPULATE the INNOCENT PEOPLE in the TARGET AREA into FOLLOWING HER.

Now this is where the REAL PROOF comes in.

The next verse states “It’s time to kill the lights / And shut the DJ down / Tonight we’re taking over / No one’s getting out”. KE$HA orders her followers to take out the POWER GRID and the POSITION OF POWER in the TARGET AREA. DJ is a metaphor for anyone in a POSITION OF POWER. LIGHTS is a metaphor for ELECTRIC SUPPLY. She then brings the POPULACE into an ARTIFICIAL DARK AGE, making them susceptible to INVASION. After she has “taken over” she TRAPS the populace in PRISON CAMPS. “No one’s getting out”.

The chorus then comes in, singing “This place (is) about to blow”. She order her followers to BOMB and ATTACK the TARGET AREA.

The next verse states “Now what / What / We’re taking control / We get what we want / We do what you don’t”. Her followers ask for the next order, in which she plans to REBUILD the TARGET AREA in HER IMAGE.

The next verse states “Dirt and glitter / Cover the floor / We’re pretty and sick / We’re young an we’re bored”. DIRT is a metaphor for RUBBLE AND DEBRIS. GLITTER is a metaphor for BOTOX “We’re pretty and sick”. BOTOX is a NEUROTOXIN sometimes used to make skin look “pretty”. As it is a TOXIN, it also makes people “sick”. KE$HA spreads BOTOX from AIRPLANES over the TARGET AREA to PARALYZE and KILL anybody left.

The next verse states “It’s time to lose your mind / And let the crazy out / Tonight we’re taking names / ‘Cause we don’t mess around”. This has PROOF that there is more than BOTOX involved. There are DEMENTIA-INDUCING NEUROTOXINS being used to PACIFY the INNOCENT PEOPLE in the PRISON CAMPS. “Taking names” refers to the policy of TAGGING the people with NUMBERS and enforcing the people to REFER TO EACH OTHER by the NUMBERS and never their ACTUAL NAMES. This is another method of CONTROLLING the POPULACE.

The chorus then CHANTS the BATTLE CHANT once more, ordering the followers to BOMB and ATTACK.

The next verse states “Go insane, go insane / Throw some glitter, make it rain on ‘em/ Let me see them hands / Let me, let me see them hands”. She orders more use of the “glitter” NEUROTOXIN COCKTAIL to INDUCE DEMENTIA in the POPULACE. She then orders their COMPLETE SURRENDER.

The next verse states “We’re taking over / Get used to it”. This is sung with a filter used to represent the DEMENTED STATE one would be in when hearing the PROPAGANDA.

The battle chant is then sung again, and the song ends.